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Ø12.5 MVA, BHEL make 2nd Power Transformer (TR-I) has been commissioned at BANO/TSS o­n 11.03.14 and has taken into service for better reliability of traction power supply.

ØOne no. Standard control and Relay panel (Pneumatic type) suitable for double Transformer Traction Sub-station has been commissioned at BANO/TSS in place of old electromagnetic type panel for improvement of Reliability of power supply.


ØCommissioning of SCADA system at newly constructed HINDALCO/SSP has been completed and is in service from 25.05.2013.

ØWork of Shifting of insulated Overlap near the stop signal to avoid breakdowns due to contact wire parting at overlap has been completed over Ranchi division.

Ø One no. of Series Reactor has been provided at BANO/TSS in place of  defective Series Reactorto improve the Power supply reliability.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-07-2014