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Chakradharpur is an important division on Indian Railway map. It has uniqueness of being one of the major loading divisions of Indian Railways and at the same time important coaching operation with Howrah – Mumbai main line operation between TATA-JSG and originating coaching trains from TATA, ROU & JSG.

Rolling stock maintenance forms the backbone of this massive and complex train operation. With major freight depot at TATA, ADTP, BNDM & DPS and coaching depots at Tatanagar, Rourkela & Jharsuguda- Mechanical department is facilitating availability of rolling stock for transportation for freight and passengers.

With 20 nos. of originating coaching trains, Chakradharpur is an important division in coaching operation too. Coaching Depots of TATA, Rourkela and Jharsuguda are maintaining over 560 coaches to support coaching train operation. Besides, around 70 pair of Mail/Exp trains passing through division are attended at TATA, ROU, CKP & JSG for watering, Rolling-in examination, en-route cleaning etc.

With 555 no. of running staff, Mechanical department is supporting complex train operations of CKP division.Combined crew lobbies of ADTP, BNDM & JSG are serving 24 x 7 to ensure timely availability of crew. All 03 crew lobbies are equipped with CMS, CCTV, Fuel Cell based breathalyzer and other equipments to ensure safe and smooth train operation.

The mammoth train operation of CKP division call for strong preparedness to tackle any unforeseen incidents.Two Class-A ARTs equipped with new design 140 ton. Gottwald crane at CKP & BNDM and B’ class ARTs at TATA, DPS & JSG are catering not only to the breakdown requirement of CKP division but also to adjacent divisions and Railways.4 Scale-I ARMEs at TATA, DPS, CKP & BNDM are always ready to tackle any untoward incident involving passenger trains.

Mechanical Dept. is playing an important role in revenue earnings and safe operation of freight train by maintaining 7 railway owned electronic in-motion weighbridges and periodical checking of another 27 private owned weighbridges in the division.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 31-10-2012