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Co- Operation from Passengers

In order to ensure good quality service to Passengers the Indian Railways seeks the co-operation of Rail Users by

(i).Behaving courteously/courtly with co- passengers and Railway staff with whom they come in contact.

(ii) Getting into queue for the purpose of booking tickets at Railway Ticket Counters etc.

(iii) Abstaining from smoking and imbibing alcohols in Railway premises for the courtesy sake towards co-passengers.

(iv) Travelling with lightweight luggage and booking heavy weight luggage in brake – van.

(v)  Using  Alarm Chain only on extreme situation and assist the Railway personnel in apprehending the person who indulges in improper use of alarm chain apparatus.

(vi) Refraining from carrying contraband, booty, inflammable items while travelling in train.

(vii)  Encouraging no unauthorized persons / touts / unscrupulous persons for booking ticket etc from them and reporting promptly such instances to the Railway Authorities.

(viii) Refraining from using toilets on board when the train is stationery.

(ix)  Protecting Railway property from any misuse / damage / vandalism and reporting such case(s) expeditiously to the Railway Authorities


(x) Refraining from travelling on foot board / roof top of train under no circumstances

(xi) Getting across the Railway track is not allowed which may invite extreme fatality.

(xii) Using Security Helpline No 182 to inform Railway Staff of any unclaimed objects / suspected persons in train or Railway premises.


Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-10-2016