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                                 DUTIES OF THE TRAVELING TICKET EXAMINER

1.Be in possession of complete details of reservations made in the coach and make all occupation details in the reservation chart along with number of vacant berths/seats.

2.Check the travel authority of the passengers in the coach, guide them to their berths/seats and also prevent unauthorized persons traveling in the coach.

3.Realise fare and any other charges due from the passenger and give receipt for the same.

4.Allot accommodations which are vacant to RAC passengers on demand at intermediate stations on realization of fare, surcharge,  reservation charges as per rules on first come first serve basis or according to the priority in the waiting list.

5.Pay prompt attention to all complaints from passengers in regard to non-working of lights, fans, tap etc., and take remedial action to get them rectified. Ensure cleanliness in the coach and also ensure the doors of the coaches are kept closed while on run. The doors of the vestibules are to be kept closed between 22.00hrs. and 06.00 hrs.

6.Always be polite, tactful and courteous in assisting passengers, leaving no room for complaint.

7.Wake up passengers to alight as requested.

                                                                                                                                           Updated as per October 2016 Time Table

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-11-2016