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                                                                      Booking of Parcels

All types of commodities including luggage , will be charged uniformly at the following four scales of rates namely Scale-R, Scale-P , Scale L & Scale -S .


       Type of Service

          Type of Train

  Scale - R

Rajdhani Parcel Service

All Rajdhani Exp Trains

  Scale – P


Premier Parcel Service

# Notified Mail / Express trains, Shatabdi Exp trains and all special parcel trains.

Scale - S

Standard Parcel Service

All ordinary passenger trains & other Mail / Express trains and Shatabdi Express Trains

  Scale – L

Luggage Service

All kinds of luggage by all parcel services.

Registered Newspaper and Magazines are booked at concessional rate, uniformly at 45% of scale - S rates by all trains including Rajdhani Express trains with minimum distance for charge of 250 kms.

Minimum distance of charge for all parcels , except of registered newspaper and magazines is 50kms , and the minimum is Rs 30/-  

The maximum permissible weight and outside the dimensions of any package / article , which can be accepted for booking , except by previous arrangements are as under .


Maximum Weight

Maximum Dimensions

Broad Gauge


2.0 mts x 1.5 mts x1.25mts

Meter Gauge

150 Kgs

2.0mtsx 1.5 mts x 1.25mts

Narrow Gauge


1.5 mts x 1.07mts x 1.00mts

Parcels will be charged either by actual weight or by weight derived on volume basis whichever is higher . For this purpose each 28.00 cubic decimeters of volume or its fraction will be equivalent to 4.00 kgs.

Any package whose weight exceeds 100 kgs or whose outside measurements exceed 1.0mt x1.0mt x 07mt will be treated as " bulky article '' and charged at double the normal rate . However , if anyone of the measurement does not exceed by 10% provided its weight on volumetric basis does not exceed 100kgs a tolerance of 10% in any one of the outer dimension is permissible .

Minimum distance for charge for registered newspapers and magazines is 250kms and the minimum charge is Rs 2.

For more details please contact Parcel Office at the nearest Railway  Station .  

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-11-2016