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1.Dr. P.C. Mahapatra, CHD/GRC

2.Dr. Janeswar Bhunia, Sr. DOM/GRC

3.Dr. Avinash Krishna, Chief Physician/GRC

4.Dr. Arabinda Ray, Chief Anesthesiologist

5.Dr. Sumanta Dasgupta, Sr. DMO/GRC

6.Dr. (Mrs) Swati Chatterjee, Sr. DMO/GRC

7.Dr. Dhananjay Pal, Sr. DMO/SER/GRC

8.Dr. A.K. Malhotra, Sr. DMO/GRC

9.Dr. (Mrs) A. Malhotra, Sr. DMO/GRC

10.Dr. A.P. Patnaik, Sr. DMO/GRC

11.Dr. G.C. Das, Sr. DMO/GRC

12.Dr. Santanu Basu Roy, Sr. DMO/GRC

13.Dr. P.K. Samantaray, Sr. DMO/GRC

14.Dr. Pinaki Lahiri, Sr. DMO(dentist)/GRC

15.Dr.(Mrs) Samapika Chatterjee, Sr. DMO/GRC

16.Dr. Somnath kundu, Sr. DMO/GRC

17.Dr.(Mrs) Sudeshna sen, Sr. DMO/GRC

18.Dr. A.K. sethi, Sr. DMO/GRC

19.Dr. Bhudeb Sengupta, Sr. DMO/CH/GRC

20.Dr. K.K. Mallik, Sr. DMO/GRC

21.Dr. Debjanee Das, Sr. DMO/GRC

22.Dr. B.N. Jha, Sr. DMO(Card)/GRC

23.Dr. Tapas Majumder, Sr. DMO/GRC

24.Dr. Subhasish Roy, Sr. DMO/GRC

25.Dr. Prasanta Kumar Majumdar, Sr. DMO/GRC

26.Dr. Mahamaya Sharma, Sr. DMO/Path/GRC

27.Dr, Dusasan Sethi, AHO/GRC

28.Dr. Lakshmi dey, ADMO/GRC

29.Dr. Chaitali Basu, ADMO(EYE)/GRC

30.Dr. K.P. Verma, ADMO/ENT/GRC

31.Dr. Suryabrata Chattopadhyaya, ADMO/GRC

32.Dr. R.P. Dhanwar Tigga, ADMO Microbiology)/GRC

33.Dr.(Mrs) Krishna Das, Sr. DMO/GRC

34.Dr. Anindya Bera, Sr. DMO/GRC

35.Dr. Rajkumar Mukherjee, Dy. CMD(IH)/GRC

36.Dr. Kalyanbrata Saha, Dy. CMD(TA)/GRC

37.Dr. D.P. singh, CMD/SER/GRC

38.Dr. Dipanjan Pradhan, ADMO

39.Dr. Ajay Gautam, ADMO

40.Dr. M.M. Roy, DMO

41.Dr. R.K. Murmu, DMO

42.Dr. A.K. Nath, Sr. DMO

43.Dr. Shyamalendu Chakravarty, Sr. DMO/BURN

44.Dr. G.S. Malta, Sr. DMO

45.Dr. (Mrs) Sarojini Soren, Sr. DMO

46.Dr. A.C. Bardhan, Sr. DMO/BKSC

47.Dr. Pasupati Sing Sardar, Sr. DMO/Mahuda

48.Dr. Radhika Raman Singh, Sr. DMO

49.Dr. P.L. Kujur, Sr. DMO/BJE

50.Dr. Tapan Bandyopadhyay, Sr. DMO

51.Dr. N.K. Mondal, Sr. DMO/Anara

52.Dr. Haripada Singh, DMO

53.Dr. Prasan Kr. Das, Sr. DMO

54.Dr. B.P. Nanda, Sr. DMO/ENT

55.Dr. (Mrs) M. Nanda, Sr. DMO/Pathology

56.Dr. Tapas kanti Bandyopadhyay, Sr. DMO

57.Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Sr. DMO

58.Dr. D.K. Sendha, CMS/ADA

59.Dr. M.K. Kataruka, Sr. DMO/PRR

60.Dr. B. Swain, MD/SER/GRC

61.Dr. B. Bhagat, Sr. DMO/BUF

62.Dr. (Mrs) Rajkishori Bhagat, Sr. DMO

63.Dr. Dominica Topno, Sr. DMO/TATA

64.Dr. Polly Targain, DMO/TATA

65.Dr. Raju Mohanta, Sr. DMO/TATA

66.Dr. Prabhat kr. Singh, Sr. DMO/ADTP

67.Dr. Raju Tirkey, Sr. DMO/SINI

68.Dr. Sushil Kr. Behera, Sr. DMO/TATA

69.Dr. N.K. Mittal, Sr. DMO

70.Dr.(Mrs) S.A. Sanga, Sr. DMO/BNDM

71.Dr. G.N. Panda, Sr. DMO/BNDM

72.Dr. R.K. Pani, Sr. DMO/BNDM

73.Dr. H. Ekka, CMS/BNDM

74.Dr. B.C. Panda, Sr. DMO/BNDM

75.Dr. Shyam Soren, ADMO/CKP

76.Dr. Harihara Das, Sr. DMO/CKP

77.Dr. Kutlu Murmu, Sr. DMO/CKP

78.Dr. Ahalya Behera, Sr. DMO/CKP

79.Dr. Arvind K. Jaiswal, Sr. DMO/CKP

80.Dr. Gujaram Soren, Sr. DMO/P/CKP

81.Dr. Surai Saren, Sr. DMO(H&FW)/CKP

82.Dr. Alka Dadel, Sr. DMO/CKP

83.Dr. Bhriguram Ari, Sr. DMO

84.Dr.(Mrs) P. Ojha, Sr. DMO/CKP

85.Dr. S.B. Ojha, Sr. DMO/CKP

86.Dr. Kailash Nath, Sr. DMO/CKP

87.Dr. D. Appa Rao, CMS/CKP

88.Dr. Neelam Dayal, ADMO/H TE

89.Dr. S.K. Panda, CMS

90.Dr. J. Kachhap, Sr. DMO/MURI

91.Dr. Navadita Lakra, Sr. DMO/Hatia

92.Dr. G.C. Hembram, Sr. DMO

93.Dr. T.K. Sinha Mahapatra, Sr. DMO

94.Dr. Manisha Verma, Sr. DMO/Hatia

95.Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Sr. DMO/RNC

96.Dr.(Mrs) Dipa Sanyal, Sr. DMO

97.Dr. Sandhya Chauhan, Sr. DMO

98.Dr. S.K. Khanra, Sr. DMO

99.Dr. B.B. Acharya, Sr. DMO(Ortho)/KGP

100.Dr. M.D. Misbahul Hassan, Sr. DMO

101.Dr. N.K. Singh, Sr. DMO

102.Dr. Sayed Abdullah Nazmi, Sr. DMO

103.Dr. Basanta Kr. Sethi, Sr. DMO

104.Dr. Subrata Sengupta, Sr. DMO

105.Dr. Laxman kr. Sahoo, Sr. DMO

106.Dr. Biswajit Chakraborty, Sr. DMO

107.Dr. Srikanta Mahapatra, Sr. DMO

108.Dr. A.C. Biswas, Sr. DMO

109.Dr. P.K. Sardar, Sr. DMO

110.Dr. Priyadarshan Behura, Sr. DMO

111.Dr. Amulya Kr. Pattanaik, Sr. DM/Admn.

112.Dr. S.K. Mahanty, CMS/KGP

113.Dr. Arnab Das, Sr. DMO

114.Dr. Asim Kr. Chaudhuri, Sr. DMO

115.Dr. Achyutananda Mandal, Sr. DMO

116.Dr. Jyotibash Sahoo, DMO

117.Dr. Krishna Chakrabarti, Sr. DMO

118.Dr. Rita Dung Dung, Sr. DMO

119.Dr. Soma Haldar (Saha), Sr. DMO

120.Dr. (Mrs) Dhritidipa Chowdhury, Sr. DMO

121.Dr. C.S. Senapathy, Sr. DMO(Ortho)/KGP

122.Dr.(Mrs) Sarita Dhan, Sr. DMO

123.Dr. Vijayalaxmi N. Singh, Sr. DMO

124.Dr. Jayanta Murmu, Sr. DMO

125.Dr. Upal Laha, Sr. DMO/KGP

126.Dr. Subrata Kr. Mishra, Sr. DMO

127.Dr. Rashmi Pal Chowdhury, Sr. DMO

128.Dr. Shubhendu Pal Chowdhury, Sr. DMO

129.Dr. Alok Haldar, SR. DMO

130.Dr. Rajendra Kr. Behera, Sr. DMO

131.Dr. J.P. Mahali, Sr. DMO/JSG

132.Dr. Santosh Kujur, Sr. DMO

133.Dr. B.N. Tripathy, Sr. DMO/CKP

134.Dr. S.N. Behera, Sr. DMO/DPS

135.Dr. T.K. Panja, Sr. DMO

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 28-06-2011  

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